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08 April 2015 @ 08:50 pm
You better be awesome Zeus  
The long waiited Zeus will finally come tommorow! This show better be ridiculously awesome because it already made me from super excited to annoyed all because of previews. The 1st preview was like any other preview that lasts for 3-4 minutes, 2nd it was upped to almost 12 minutes and yesterday's was upped to fucking 24 minutes!

Dude, what kind of preview that last 24 minutes?! They highlighted so many things I almost couldn't be excited for the real thing anymore. To add fuel to that fire I gradually begin to be annoyed with Ariyoshi (since I watched several Ariyoshi Japon), I don't know what made me to feel like that but there is something about him that I don't like.. like his aura or such.. or maybe I don't like him because he looks like a big headed comedian.

And to add more fuel to that huge fire I just watched Dash ItteQ NEWS part last night, ItteQ part was normal but that Shabekuri 007 was pretty shocking and boring. There are dudes kissing each other and one of them I Ariyoshi. Seeing that I accidentally smack my head hard while wearing headphone and it was really painful. I've seen this old gag before, I think its one of Dachou Club's gag since the one who always initiate it was Ueshima Ryuheii but I never seen Degawa do it before.. and why the hell is he reviving this old gag for?

I've seen Matsujun did it.. in AniShi new year sp I think

oh wait.. I totally forgot that Degawa joined in. Triple kiss!
gif from tumblr sorry I can't find the source

and just now I just knew that Shige had done it in Mirai Theater 2 years ago

source tegoshiyuya


Whyyy Shige?!! WHHYYYY??!! well thanks koyama for aiding him.
without audio that 2nd gif looks like as if Shige was crying instead of laughing