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Hi stranger!

Hello and welcome to my LJ!

I'm not sure how you ended up being here but I can assure you guys that there's nothing on this LJ that might interest you and I barely post anything here.

You might have seen my name in several places as I'm a member of these subbing teams:

🍭 Sakini Pikanchi (closed)
🍭 10Jump (closed)

and I also do subbing collabs with..

🍭 mou_kai
🍭 nipplessyuya

I'm sorry to inform you that none of the subs I involved with are posted here, you can find all of them in respective journals and communities.


I 💚 Kato Shigeaki!

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A smile that can make your day brighter

I'm posting this picture everywhere.. so why not here.. heheh! I was checking on my LJ feed and the first post was this smiley Shige. He definately made my day. Thank you for your bright smile Shige!

Still can't get enough of this guy :D

[ 2015.10.30 白熱ライブ ビビット (Hakunetsu Live Bibitto) ]
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Nothing much..

Just because I feel like posting this over here. This time this thing is taking longer time than it usually do and it's not even half way done.

I feel like I'm destroying my laptop keyboard with this rapid button pressing while doing this. I need that device where pro video editor use.. or just another keyboard :P
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So good

We all know that Shige's voice is deep and husky so in songs it tends to be drowned in members' voice but every now and then there is a brief moment that you can hear his voice while singing in chorus.. it felt so good.

So good.
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It feels like an achievement

I finally found a way to encode video without degrading its quality. I had test it out with samples I made and it turn out to be excellent in quality. But yet I still don't know if it will cause any codec problem in different computer until I release a video.. Nevertheless I'm pretty sure it won't since I don't tinker much on the settings. Even if there is a codec problem, they can just simply download the required codec and install it.. it shouldn't be much problem as I assume many people now are computer literate.

Now I'm beyond excited to sub the video!!!!

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NEWS 30 Days Challenge meme!

I saw few people been doing NEWS 30 days challenge over social medias. Its originally in spanish but this girls translated and revised it into english and she posted it here. I never done something like this before and it looks fun to participate. My journal has been inactive and kinda empty so.. why not? Let the fun begin!

Here is the list of 30 days challenge:

Day 1: Your 1st NEWS song
Day 2: Your favorite member
Day 3: Favorite song
Day 4: Favorite video
Day 5: Favorite single
Day 6: Favorite album
Day 7: Favorite Keii-chan solo
Day 8: Favorite Shige solo
Day 9: Favorite Massu solo
Day 10: Favorite Tego solo
Day 11: Favorite Touch song
Day 12: Favorite Pacific song
Day 13: Favorite Color song
Day 14: Favorite LIVE song
Day 15: Favorite『NEWS』song
Day 16: Favorite WHITE song
Day 17: Bra or Soccer?
Day 18: Song Choreography you know
Day 19: Favorite Performance (TV Program)
Day 20: Favorite Performance (Concert)
Day 21: Favorite Radio Program
Day 22: Favorite Concert
Day 23: Favorite Documentary
Day 24: Song you would like to play on your Wedding/party/birthday/
Day 25: Why do you like NEWS?
Day 26: What would you like to see more from NEWS?
Day 27: A very "NEWS-y" song
Day 28: Song that you identify
Day 29: Song that motivates you
Day 30: Some words for NEWS

success shige

Just a short rant

Last week I've been accepted to be a timer for Sakini Pikanchi. YAYY!

This is my first time being involved in a subbing group thus I don't really know how well I'm gonna be, I'm not an expert in subbing and there are still much more things to learn. I love watching Anishi but sadly the number of subbed Anishi were not so much and I feel that I kinda left behind with so much episodes (especially after the show's renewal). Hopefully I can help the team to release subbed Anishi quicker than before.. I'm aiming for the group to have at least one release of subbed Anishi per week. Hmm.. sounds ambitious.

I'm so happy when I got accepted and I would be super happy if there people from NEWS fandom willing to work with me in subbing NEWS videos. I been dreaming to do it for years but sadly my skills are limited as I can't translate. So if any NEWS fans who can translate well happen to read this (which I doubt so) and willing to collaborate with me, please do send me a PM.

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You better be awesome Zeus

The long waiited Zeus will finally come tommorow! This show better be ridiculously awesome because it already made me from super excited to annoyed all because of previews. The 1st preview was like any other preview that lasts for 3-4 minutes, 2nd it was upped to almost 12 minutes and yesterday's was upped to fucking 24 minutes!

Dude, what kind of preview that last 24 minutes?! They highlighted so many things I almost couldn't be excited for the real thing anymore. To add fuel to that fire I gradually begin to be annoyed with Ariyoshi (since I watched several Ariyoshi Japon), I don't know what made me to feel like that but there is something about him that I don't like.. like his aura or such.. or maybe I don't like him because he looks like a big headed comedian.

And to add more fuel to that huge fire I just watched Dash ItteQ NEWS part last night, ItteQ part was normal but that Shabekuri 007 was pretty shocking and boring. There are dudes kissing each other and one of them I Ariyoshi. Seeing that I accidentally smack my head hard while wearing headphone and it was really painful. I've seen this old gag before, I think its one of Dachou Club's gag since the one who always initiate it was Ueshima Ryuheii but I never seen Degawa do it before.. and why the hell is he reviving this old gag for?

I've seen Matsujun did it.. in AniShi new year sp I think

oh wait.. I totally forgot that Degawa joined in. Triple kiss!
gif from tumblr sorry I can't find the source

and just now I just knew that Shige had done it in Mirai Theater 2 years ago

source tegoshiyuya


Whyyy Shige?!! WHHYYYY??!! well thanks koyama for aiding him.
without audio that 2nd gif looks like as if Shige was crying instead of laughing
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Tokio LIVE 24 ~ 04.07.14 Shige suprise visit

Last night Shige made a surprise visit to Koyama's live broadcast at Tokyo Tower to promote his butai & book. Shige-papa has come to visit Koya-mama!!

Shige looks cool just by standing next to that pillar.

2014.04.07-Tokyo Live Midnight Johnnys-Koyama with Shige.mp4_002519002
I love how Koyama super excited when he saw Shige on the screen and can't stop blabbering.

2014.04.07-Tokyo Live Midnight Johnnys-Koyama with Shige-tile
Yabaii papa has come home but the house is messy!!

2014.04.07-Tokyo Live Midnight Johnnys-Koyama with Shige.mp4_002712002
Shige is excited too to be on live broadcast.

2014.04.07-Tokyo Live Midnight Johnnys-Koyama with Shige.mp4_002775668
I absolutely have no idea what they are talking about but Shige surely have the nerve to say "baka yarou!" to his sempai, Matsuoka.

Looks like Shige too has learned how to grin like how Tegoshi always do! I <3 it!!

They swapped their clothes too!!

Love is overload with these two <3 <3 <3 <3 <3