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07 September 2015 @ 04:27 pm
NEWS 30 Days Challenge meme!  

I saw few people been doing NEWS 30 days challenge over social medias. Its originally in spanish but this girls translated and revised it into english and she posted it here. I never done something like this before and it looks fun to participate. My journal has been inactive and kinda empty so.. why not? Let the fun begin!

Here is the list of 30 days challenge:

Day 1: Your 1st NEWS song
Day 2: Your favorite member
Day 3: Favorite song
Day 4: Favorite video
Day 5: Favorite single
Day 6: Favorite album
Day 7: Favorite Keii-chan solo
Day 8: Favorite Shige solo
Day 9: Favorite Massu solo
Day 10: Favorite Tego solo
Day 11: Favorite Touch song
Day 12: Favorite Pacific song
Day 13: Favorite Color song
Day 14: Favorite LIVE song
Day 15: Favorite『NEWS』song
Day 16: Favorite WHITE song
Day 17: Bra or Soccer?
Day 18: Song Choreography you know
Day 19: Favorite Performance (TV Program)
Day 20: Favorite Performance (Concert)
Day 21: Favorite Radio Program
Day 22: Favorite Concert
Day 23: Favorite Documentary
Day 24: Song you would like to play on your Wedding/party/birthday/
Day 25: Why do you like NEWS?
Day 26: What would you like to see more from NEWS?
Day 27: A very "NEWS-y" song
Day 28: Song that you identify
Day 29: Song that motivates you
Day 30: Some words for NEWS